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Mar 12, 2018

The rise of the robots in the business industry

One of the perks of innovation is that new machines and robots are developed to carry out processes faster and more accurately. While this is good news for the customers, it might not be very good for human beings who have been performing those actions and rendering those services for many years. I just read an article about some factories in China adopting the use of robots to perform the jobs of hundreds of employees. They will be laid off their jobs and temporarily left without a source of income until they find other work.

However, the employment rate in China is tied to the global economy, and there are times when finding another job is not that bad. So, like most countries, when the market is doing well they are lucky. But what about other parts of the world?  Often more workers are needed when robots are used minimally for commercial production. But robots are very useful, especially in industries where the manufacturing processes pose health challenges and other dangers to the employees.

Have the robots taken over?

I can confirm that some companies have retained the traditional processes in their businesses. This is mainly because communicating with robots has some limitations, which could reduce customer fulfillment. In these situations, it will be more helpful if the customers interact with human beings who can listen to them and provide the assistance they need.

However, the robotics industry has been put to some good use in areas such as the military. Robots are now being used to go into areas ridden with hidden explosives, and robots are now controlling the notorious strike drones. These innovative efforts have saved many lives. Robots have also been tasked to handle poor paying jobs such as housekeeping and cleaning. By giving out these jobs to robots, it will be a great idea if more opportunities for better-paying jobs are created for job seekers.

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