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Mar 11, 2018

The benefits of functional programming

Functional programming is a new phenomenon which is just in the process of gaining popularity in the tech industry. It can be simply described as a program integrated with software which gives the users the ability to determine the functions of the software. The concept of functional programming is not new, it has been used by the big players in the tech industry for many years, and this technology has only just been introduced in gadgets and devices we use every day.

So, since the “big boys” have been kind enough to let us use this technology, we need to know all about it and how best we can derive maximum value from using it. Functional programming has been used in many devices such as smart speaker with virtual assistant features and some smartphones. An excellent example of this technology is Amazon’s Alexa, Google assistant, etc. This is an Artificial Intelligent technology that is designed to perform the functions of a smart assistant. Devices which feature Amazon’s Alexa allow you to dictate how it functions by giving orders to process certain operations within the scope of its programming.

What does this upcoming technology mean for businesses?

Businesses have started exploring ways that functional technology can be used to improve the customer experience. This involves the use of bots that can process requests and carry out functions quicker to enhance the consumer experience. It is all about improving customer satisfaction. A happy customer can easily become a loyal customer. While functional programming technology has the potential of improving the user experience, it has also been discovered that after the development process has been completed, managing the program is quite easy and stress-free. Another advantage is that this developing technology can be integrated with a wide range of systems.

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