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Your Own Personal Tech Company!

Welcome to, a company that has solutions to all your tech problems. We can’t wait for you to meet the crew; we are a group of industry veterans with a remarkable array of academic accomplishments and practical experience. In our company, we have successfully established a business characterized by a friendly and respectful culture. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have the very best experience every time our services are used to handle different professional tasks.


As a U.S. company located in Silver Spring, Maryland, our flexibility permits us to work on your local, national and international projects, and we are also a few seconds away if you want to reach us via any of the online channels indicated on our “Contact Us” page.


At AvidTeck, our goal is to develop a technology hub where you can enjoy the very best professional services at 10% less than what you will pay to other companies. We offer the best services with no compromise to quality, professionalism, and speed of delivery and the use of only high-quality tools to execute your projects. Call us today, let’s discuss your business.

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Project Management
Software Requirements
Mobile App Design & Development
Mobile App Design & Development
Website Design & Development
Website Design
& Development
Graphic Design & photoshop
Graphic Design
& photoshop
Database Design & Development
Database Design
& Development
Hosting & Server Assistance
Hosting & Server
Web Copy Articles & Posts
Web Copy 
Articles & Posts
Research & Writing
& Writing
Custom eCommerce Solutions
Custom eCommerce Solutions
Business Loans & Sales Leads
Business Loans & Sales Leads

Do you need our assistance for any project not listed above? Our team of tech veterans has years of experience in a wide range of technology-based fields.
We will always have a solution.