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Mar 20, 2018

Everyone is planning to buy something in the tech industry

The tech industry has welcomed many new startups in recent years. Ideas that were developed in basements and libraries have evolved into multimillion-dollar businesses. This trend of development has also been characterized by acquisitions; bigger companies spot some special features in smaller companies, and they buy the companies for a nice price to enjoy these benefits.

There are so many deals being finalized as we speak. Some might pull through, and we will see the news on the internet, or there might be some disputes which will lead to delays in making the final arrangements.

Do startups grow their businesses to sell them in the future?

I am not really sure about this, while there is an angle to this view; I think every business founder feels good about being the owner of a very successful business. But there might be issues at some point in the company’s development such as financial problems and issues with customer satisfaction. At some point, it might make more sense to sell the business to a bigger organization for a heafthy price, and in many cases, the founding team is retained to run the company while enjoying the influence of the bigger firm to achieve the initial and any new goals.

Why do bigger companies buy startups?

The expanding growth of companies is usually accompanied by an increasing demand for services and the changing demands of the consumers. Rather than starting a company to meet specific needs, it is smarter to acquire a smaller company already offering the services. This new acquisition is supported to become better under the new brand of the bigger and more established company.


Acquisitions are also a means to achieve business diversification into new fields. With an accumulation of expansion capital, bigger businesses will aim to diversify their services to increase sales and profits. In view of this goal, smaller companies in need of financial support can be acquired and integrated into the organization’s brand.

We have witnessed bigger companies use this strategic move of completing acquisitions to meet their goals. Sometimes the names of the acquired companies are not even changed. And so far, we can confirm that it is a trend that has come to stay.

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