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Mar 04, 2018

Technology and startups

When a new business or venture is initiated, resources are quite limited. However, limitations or not, some startup devices and equipment are necessary to begin. Technology in business has created a lot of ease for new business owners. Who knew that all you need to keep track of things at the office or remotely is a smartphone. For instance:

  1. In case you are away from work and need to keep an eye on things you can log in via TeamViewer where all individuals can access a server remotely and check physical progress on projects.
  2. There is productivity software that literally tracks your employee’s each and every move. Users are to clock in their progress at the end of the day and based on that, get estimates regarding the amount of work left and the time it will take.
  3. Social media marketing and email marketing will be your best buddies. Social media managers or internet marketing managers work as freelancers mostly and will provide amazing service in keeping you in the news.
  4. New businesses are always encouraged to start a blog. A direct insight into their mind makes the whole experience of doing business very personal.
  5. A no-paper policy will ensure you keep all your files in the Cloud and printouts are done only when highly necessary. This means you save a lot on paper and printer cartridges. That is a LOT of savings!
  6. Customer feedback is important. A good idea is to run online surveys and share on social media so as to get maximum participants.
Teleconferences and Skype ensure you work internationally. Video conferencing means there are no boundaries and you are free to communicate. This is also a useful tool for keeping the office in check when the business owner is away. Just to make sure the “mice” are not playing.

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