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Mar 22, 2018

How do you cope with tech addiction?

I am guilty of this, and sometimes it can’t be helped, but it is important that being addicted to the fascinating technology we have all around us doesn’t become a costly mistake. The apps on our smartphones, laptops and other gadgets such as smart speakers have wonderful features that can keep you engaged for many hours. However, this time could be spent working or pursuing some of your important goals.

We now have apps that have special camera features that can be used to create short videos and funny pictures; there are also apps that can be used to monitor different aspects of your health such as your heart rate. You could also use specially designed apps to plan your menu. This way you can create a menu according to your preferred diet. And apps have also been created to hail cabs, order food, and other items online. The list is endless; to perform these functions, you need technologically enhanced smartphones and gadgets. These features keep us attached to our devices, and it can become a habit that is difficult to break.

Protecting yourself from tech addiction

Okay, is this something you want to do? Do you need more time to pursue other goals? We all have twenty-four hours every day, so you can make plans to have more time.

You can start by finding other activities that do not require the use of your smartphone or mobile devices, such as physical activities, or official tasks in your workplace. Resist the urge to find out what’s happening online. It is funny that many times, nothing spectacular has happened since the last time you checked but time has already been lost by checking again. And if you can, avoid checking your feeds first thing in the morning, because you might just start a conversation that will cause regrets later.

And for the children, don’t hesitate to make use of the parental guidance features that will limit their access to addictive features on those smart devices.

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