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Mar 10, 2018

Organizing your social media apps

Did you know that there are special apps that can be used to access all your social media within the app? These platforms integrate all your social media feeds in one place, making it convenient and less time consuming to have a quick look at the trending events on your social media. I spend a considerable amount of time going back and forth between apps, and I am sure many people out there are in this position as well. Social media can be time-consuming and I find it helpful that with just one app I can view all my feeds.

A lot of effort must have gone into developing an app like this and securing the access from other platforms must have been a huge task. But it has been worth it, and users like me are happy to have apps like this available for download.

Gone are the days when I am forced to come up with ridiculous excuses why I haven’t replied to messages that I forgot about because I needed to switch apps quickly. Now, I see all my notifications in one place. With apps like these, it is even easier for businesses to reach their target audience and establish a strong form of communication with them. These apps make it easy to put out the brand's message to the public. If you miss the broadcast on one platform, you are definitely going to see it on another social media platform. I have also noticed that social media platforms now sell advertisement provisions, which allow companies and brands to advertise their products to everyone who logs on to the platform. These apps can also be targeted at specific audiences based on age and location.

I cannot blame companies and brands for taking advantage of social media to sell their products. After all, it has created a good business for app developers all over the world.

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