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Mar 21, 2018

How safe is your email?

Among the sophisticated means of communication currently available, I still prefer the use of my email when interacting with friends and for business. Before social media took over, emails were the quickest and most reliable means of communication via the internet. All you need to do is to sign up for a unique email address, and the communication begins. However, how safe is your email?

I use my email to send confidential information as well as casual greetings, and I will be unhappy if I found out someone else was reading my emails. It will be an intrusion into my privacy. But sadly, cybercriminals know how important email is, and that we use it for all kinds of communication. Therefore, our emails have become a target.

I will discuss some ways to protect your email but first let me state why email has remained a favorite means of communication.

It is perfect for referencing

Conveying messages through emails leave a thread that can be referenced any time the users wish to review the communication. Emails leave a long thread showing the exchange of information. I particularly like this feature.


Emails are still one of the quickest ways to send large and small files. Until recently social media platforms had some limitations, but with emails many of the providers allow the users to send large files in various formats.

Customized communication

You can include logos, signatures, and tags on your emails to customize your message.


Emails are a great way to keep tabs on notifications for scheduled messages that need to be sent, or when you have received important packages in the mail.

Protecting your email

The following tips will help you keep your email safe from compromise:

A Strong password

Ensure that your email is protected by a strong password that will hardly be compromised. Also, ensure that you regularly check your email boxes including the sent items to know if someone else is illegally using your email.

Install an Anti-Virus

A good antivirus and antimalware will prevent people from spying on your email.

Don’t share your password with anyone

Keep it safe and confidential. It is also advisable to change your password frequently, and you should also change your password immediately if you ever suspect your email has been compromised.

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