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Description Premium Standard Basic
  Premium Standard Basic
  *Planning and Defining Scope
*Activity Planning and Sequencing
*Resource Planning
*Developing Schedules
*Time Estimating
*Cost Estimating
*Developing a Budget
*Creating MS project Charts and Schedules *Risk Analysis
*Managing Risks and Issues
*Monitoring and Reporting Progress
*Team Leadership
*Controlling Quality
*Benefits Realization
*Gantt Chart 
*Project Planning
*Scope Statement
*Project Requirements
*Project Time/ Schedule
*Quality Management Plan
*Risk Management Plan
*Project Resources
*Critical Path
*Network Diagram
*Gantt Chart
*Schedule with resource leveling
*Critical Path analysis
*Assignments and work
Delivery Time 10 Days
7 Days (+$200.00)
7 Days
4 Days (+$100.00)
4 Days
2 Days (+$50.00)
Total $695.00 $395.00 $135.00

About This Service

About This Service

Managing a project demands a team of different talented and skilled individuals – these people are saddled with executing your entire project. Our projects follow a difficult but rewarding process called the Project Life Cycle.


The Five stages of our project lifecycle:

START-UP: In this phase, we debate over the project objective and conceptual details with you and finally settle on an agreement.

DEFINITION: In this phase, we define the scope of the project in detail.

PLANNING: Here we divide the project into manageable parts and planning is done in terms of cost, time and resources.

EXECUTION: In this phase, the work is monitored, implemented and controlled.

CLOSEOUT: Here the project is closed off and handed over and a post review is conducted.


Project Management Tools and Techniques:

  1. Agile

Our Agile Project Management Process involves processing projects in small bits. In this process, our project managers treat milestones as ‘sprints’; with the ultimate aim being to constantly update the project based on feedback.

  1. Scrum

We initiate this process to ensure that the launch date of the project is not delayed. Our scrum master ensures that scrum sessions (sprints) happen with a three-week timeframe.

  1. Prince2

PRINCE2 is an acronym for Projects in Controlled Environments; in which we justify and define the output of every project.


Prince2 Vs. PMI

  • Technical Vs. Management

PRINCE2 utilizes stages while PMI adopts phases in the knowledge areas. In PRINCE2, technical and management stages are distinct.

  • Deciding between both

PMI is comprised of 12 knowledge areas while PRINCE2 has only 6 variables – quality, costs, scope, timescales, benefits, and risk. Settling for either of them will depend on your organization's specifics.




Service Type

  • Project Management
  • MS Project
  • PMI
  • Prince2
  • Research
  • Summary