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Description Premium Standard Basic
  All features with extra changes Migration with backup enabled Basic Migration
  1.Migration on 2 Tier.
2. Backup conf.
3. Autoscaling.
4. ELB, RDS.
5. CDN.
1.Migration on single EC2.
2.Backup Configuration.
Migration of WordPress to single EC2
Delivery Time 3 Days
1 Days (+$75.00)
3 Days
1 Days (+$50.00)
4 Days
1 Days (+$25.00)
Total $195.00 $100.00 $65.00

About This Service

We can professionally migrate or deploy your Web App, WordPress site, etc. on AWS EC2 or any other hosting or server environment.

Some of the specialized services that we pleasantly provide are:

  • EC2, S3, ELB, SES, CloudFront (CDN), RDS, VPC, Cloud watch, Autoscaling, etc.
  • Best solution for server migration or deployment.
  • Configure Autoscaling group and Load Balancer for zero downtime.
  • Excellent solution for 2 Tier or three Tier applications with private and public subnet.
  • Configure CDN (cloud front) for fast delivery of content of your site.
  • Configure WAF for an extra layer of protection.

Although we are NOT a hosting company we do deliver all the solutions you need.

  • 100% satisfaction.
  • On time delivery.

To discuss your project and get exactly what you want, contact us today.




  • Server/Hosting

Operating System

Linux/ Unix