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  750 Words of AMAZING Sales Copy! 500 Words of AMAZING Sales Copy! 250 Words of AMAZING Sales Copy
  This is perfect for longer form sales pages, website landing pages, and longer video scripts. This is perfect for longer emails and video scripts, about us pages, and medium-length website copy. This is perfect for short emails, solo ads, short website copy, flyers, and 1-2 minute video scripts
Competitor Research    
Focus Keywords 2 1
Words Included 750 500 250
Revisions 1 1 1
Delivery Time 7 7 6
Total $165.00 $125.00 $55.00

About This Service

Our team of highly-rated and devoted copywriters is passionate about producing content that is inspiring, thoroughly researched, descriptive and intriguing, as website copy for your products and services.


Our absolute and exceptional services include…

  • Writing Sales Letters
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Scripts
  • About Us Pages
  • Solo Ads
  • Promo Emails

As a suggestion, it is ideal to keep your word limits as follows:

  • Landing Pages/Sales Letters (500 - 2500 + Words)
  • Promo Emails/Solo Ads (250 Words)
  • About Pages (250 - 400 Words)
  • Video Sales Letters/Video Scripts (125 Words/Minute)

Our numerous experiences tell us that longer content copies sell more than shorter ones.

Check us out today and get yourself the best content for any project.




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  • Website Copy