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Description Premium Standard Basic
  Full package Medium sized Macro Cell function or simple Macro
  Large Macro(s)/VBA Automate your tasks using Macro. Write a function or a mathematical equation.
Model Documentation    
Buttons & Forms 1
Number of Macros 5 3 1
Delivery Time 4 Days
3 Days (+$40.00)
2 Days
1 Days (+$20.00)
2 Days
1 Days (+$10.00)
Total $150.00 $75.00 $30.00

About This Service

You will be amazed of how much help you can get from us, as you can count on our team to solve your Excel issues.

We will write for you ANYTHING you like in Excel or macros, and automate your tasks.

We are experts in Microsoft Excel and can help you with any kind of tasks as follows:

  • Cell function (Custom or Excel's)
  • Macro script (VBA)
  • User forms
  • Charts
  • Pivot tables
  • Excel Dashboard
  • Apply formulas / Advanced Filter 
  • Vlookup / Hlookup
  • Countif / Countifs
  • Sumif / Sumifs
  • Data Validation
  • Conditioning Formatting
  • Drop down
  • Redesign Excel worksheets to get it data more clean and neat
  • Split text/data into different cells
  • Removing duplicates 
  • Create Invoices for a raw data with automated Invoice Numbers
  • Provide video tutorial also for any kind of help
  • Convert any file to Excel or CSV from PDF, Word, scanned pages

We are looking forward to working with you. So, contact us with the details of your project so that we can begin, now.





  • Excel


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I contact you before I place an order?

We always like to receive the requirement to analyze and determine the job size.

  • What is a small or medium sized job? How can you define a 'large' job?

A macro that automates 1 to 2 tasks is a small sized one, 3-4 is considered a medium sized macro, beyond that is considered a large macro and there might be even more than one macro in a job.

  • Why can't I access the codes?

We usually lock the codes unless extra service is purchased.

  • Can you provide comments for each line in the Macros you provided?
Sure, 'Model Documentation' is an extra service that has to be purchased for that.