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Description Premium Standard Basic
  Advanced Standard Basic
  Design & development, database migration, optimization, business intelligence, up to 7 queries Design & development, data extraction, optimization, business intelligence, up-to 5 queries Simple design, development, and up to 2 queries
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Revisions 7
Delivery Time 9 Days 7 Days 5 Days
Total $585.00 $195.00 $100.00

About This Service

We are Database experts providing simple and advanced database services. Some of our service
offerings include development, database migration, data extraction/ETL, optimization, business
intelligence, and 24/7 production support.
We perform all tasks efficiently, having the ability to work under pressure and delivering
multiple projects on time.
Try our friendly service now. Describe your project so that we can get started right away. Why
wait any longer when we are here to satisfy all of your database needs.