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Mar 16, 2018

The battle for the ultimate smart home

The smart home concept is not new anymore; we have heard a lot about it, and the news from the tech industry is really amazing. And recent innovations have been introduced to improve the smart home concept. Apparently, the big tech companies are going days without any rest to ensure that they develop smarter software and programs that will appeal to the target audience (the owners of smart homes). One remarkable feature is the introduction of digital assistants. They were first introduced on our smartphones, but now we have digital assistants programmed into smart speakers, TVs, spy cameras, etc.

Two notable digital assistants are the Google Home, it is an innovative product designed and developed by Google, and we have Alexa, a smart digital assistant developed by Amazon. I have tried out both systems, and the results are amazing. I used Amazons Alexa on the Amazon Echo smart speakers; it was impressive. I was able to get updated information about practically everything; I also created reminders and meeting schedules among many other processes. With the Google Home, the experience was also wonderful. The best part about this rapidly evolving trend is that these special digital assistant programs are being integrated with many more devices. Amazon has reported that over thirty new companies have registered their interest in having Alexa being integrated with their systems.

We are also expecting big news from other companies such as Apple, Sony and start-up tech companies. The future looks very bright for the AI focused tech industry, overall these innovations are all geared at enhancing the customer experience and developing software that will make our lives better.

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