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Mar 07, 2018

How often do you engage chatbots?

Chatbots are those virtual assistants and customer support programs designed to help you get through difficulties while using some services or devices. Big brands and many other companies have introduced chatbots as a replacement to the regular customer care assistants who are human beings. Chatbots are available 24/7 to assist you in every way they can online. They have also been programmed in phones and other devices such as smart speakers and smartwatches.

I must admit, I was one of those people who welcomed the idea of chatbots with a frown because I thought it was another distraction the tech industry is introducing to make processes longer and more unreliable. But I still remember my first encounter with a Chabot, it was a regular e-commerce website, and I had issues with an order. In summary, it was a swift and pleasant experience. Since that time, I have unconsciously been on the lookout for any invention or innovations that offer chatbots as part of their customer support team because I look forward to the experience. Don’t get the wrong idea because I have had some bad experiences. But overall, I can confidently say these AI supported programs are not that bad.

Currently, I use chatbots to plan my day and to stay ahead of schedules, meetings, and other tasks. I also use them for music streaming and minimal research. For example, if I want to know how much profits Apple reported last year, it’s an easy answer to get from a Chabot connected to the internet. They have helped me during the busiest days while multitasking, and I am sure the developers are not relenting in improving the features and capabilities of various chatbots such as Amazon’s Alexa, and there are many ways you can use chatbots to enhance the customer experience to promote your business.

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