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Mar 06, 2018

Negotiating your way to better deals

The business world is characterized by deals and transactions which involve huge amounts of money. Profit is being made and sometimes the markup on some sales can be alarming. Imagine selling an item more than twice the value of its production cost or whole price? Yes, this happens every day, especially in the luxury goods market. But what is my point? Considering that no seller will ever sell their products below the price they bought or manufactured it, I think it is acceptable always to be willing to bargain for a better and cheaper deal.

Do you feel shy or awkward to bargain? You might be spending more than you should, too. Some sellers will test you by putting up high prices in the hope that a wealthy buyer who isn’t particular about pricing comes along. But every business owner wants to make a sale, so they may be willing to consider some reductions in their prices, especially if you are buying more than one item.

It worked like magic the first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe I got the item at the bargained price, but I still knew the seller made a profit and that was okay. In addition, I have formed the habit of doing a little research before going to the market or shops. I like to know the average price of goods and this information helps me make better buying decisions. Knowing the prices of goods has also helped me when shopping online; I can quickly tell if an item is overpriced.

There are also price comparison apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone. These apps can be used to compare the prices of various vendors that are selling similar products, and with this information, you can choose the vendor with the best price to buy from. The money you will be saving might seem small but think about saving all that change for a whole year.

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