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Aug 16, 2018

Why is project management important?


Do you know what is project management? If you do, do you understand its importance? Highly successful business leaders such as senior executives and HR managers understand the importance of project management and the crucial contribution it makes towards business success. Information is key to running a business efficiently. Thus, it is important for businesses to hire highly experienced and skilled Project Managers.  According to a report by the Project Management Institute, more than $122 million is lost in every $1 billion invested in the U.S. alone, and this can be attributed to poor project performance. When finding a reliable project manager, you should consider looking for two major features, which are Experience and a great understanding of project management methodologies. These two features will help create a solid foundation that will enable the project manager to get the job done in an efficient manner.

  • Finding the ideal project manager

Hiring a qualified Project Manager is certainly not an easy task. However, you still stand a great chance of finding the ideal person for the job and this can be achieved by taking several factors into consideration. The factors to consider include the ability of the candidate to fit into the organization's culture, their ability to get along with other employees, and also their ability to deliver excellent results on time. Remember, recruiting is both an art and a science. Therefore, ensure that you adopt a high level of professionalism during the hiring process. So, what are some of the reasons why the services of a project manager are important to the success of your business? Here is why.

  • Helps in defining an organized plan

Running a project successfully is a daunting task. The main reasons for hiring a project manager is to ensure that projects are properly planned and organized to avoid a chaotic situation in the company. The ideal project manager will come up with a well mapped out plan that will ensure that the project runs simply smooth from the start till its completion. This will go a long way in ensuring that the goals and purpose of the organization are met. Project management is important in the fact that it helps the manager to define tasks and assign them accordingly. Additionally, the project manager will act as the company's timekeeper as they will keep track of time to ensure that various tasks are handled within the stipulated timeframe, which culminates in the completion of the entire project in record-breaking time.

  • Helps in the creation of a solid plan through a schedule

You know the saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail” and there is no one who understands this concept better than the project manager. Project managers are tasked with developing a unique plan that will see the project run smoothly under a tight schedule. Due to the courtesy of these characteristics, organizations are able to complete the tasks on time, which is a great way to enhance success. After all, most businesses promise to deliver the project within the stipulated time and thus should strive to deliver exactly that. And the surest way to do this is by undertaking a project on a schedule. A schedule helps to define tasks and at the same time assign various tasks to employees according to their strengths. Through specialization, an employee is able to focus on a field where they are highly skilled. This will enhance their output levels; thus, they are able to produce the desired results.

  • A great way to encourage teamwork

Teamwork is an important aspect that not only will help in the delivery of projects on time, but also enhances the overall growth of the organization. Effective and constant communication between the project manager and the team members is a must. And projects are a great way of bringing employees together, whereby they share ideas and inspire each other. Through the input of fellow staff, the project manager is able to come up with the perfect plan and schedule based on the honest recommendations of employees. More to that, the fact that the team of employees will work together towards completion of the project provides the perfect window for them to create strong bonds that will ensure they handle future projects seamlessly, which will boost the growth opportunities of your business. To boost teamwork, the project manager should also consider creating a conducive environment, whereby employees can freely use their knowledge to the advantage of the company. However, it is important to avoid too much freedom as some employees will take advantage of that and disrupt the handling of the project.

  • Maximize the usage of resources

Any project requires resources and these resources do not come cheap. Among the important resources that are required to undertake a project successfully are human and financial resources. The project manager whose overall task is to oversee the handling of the project is tasked with enforcing discipline among the team members. Through this, the financial resources allocated together with the input of the human staff are maximized, thus providing a great opportunity for timely and successful completion of projects. Moreover, the project manager will help in managing any risk that may come with the acquisition and use of the allocated resources to ensure an efficient workflow.

  • Helps with Integration

Projects are an important undertaking for any company and thus they should be fully aligned with various aspects of the company, which include the organization, systems and work processes. Additionally, the project manager should come up with a style that will ensure that the undertaking of the project integrates with the operations of the business. This will go a long way in avoiding any conflict of interests and avoid any interference with the business processes. Apart from the professional side of the company, the project manager should ensure that the project they are handling is in line with the company culture. Employees want to be allowed to do things the way they are used to and implementing new cultural changes will only affect their morale. Hence, the productivity hits rock bottom which is bad for the project. If there are any changes to be made, ensure that you talk to the employees and explain to them why you are making such changes. Employees want their sentiments to be considered and this is the only way to enhance teamwork.

  • Cost control

The running costs of any project will vary and this will largely be determined by the intensity of the project. The project manager is, therefore, supposed to come up with a budget and assign the resources responsibly. To manage the project costs professionally, the project manager should adopt great managerial skills that will ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated budget and if possible, the costs should be minimal to ensure the company saves a significant amount of money. On the other hand, the project manager will act as the resource manager. The manager should encourage their team members to avoid wastage of resources, which will not only be beneficial to the business but also to the personality of the employee. From this, they will learn the importance of being responsible and this will have a great positive impact on their personal lives too.

  • Manages arising changes

The environment in which you conduct the project is definitely not constant. Therefore, you should brace yourself for various changes that may come your way. However, the impact of the change can have a huge effect on the project and the ability of the project manager to manage the change is what will count. Change can either be positive or negative and can largely affect the completion of any project. More to that, change can affect other crucial factors such as resources and team morale. The ideal project manager is one who will not succumb to the pressure that comes with managing and maybe enforcing change. Instead, they will quickly devise ways through which they can work under the modifications without changing any aspect of the project delivery.

  • Enhances quality

Quality is no doubt a key aspect that determines the type of results you get after completing a project. On the other hand, there are different aspects of quality that will be introduced in the project, and they will vary from the quality of the employees' input and the managerial style adopted by the project manager. Project management will come in handy in helping the business to identify, control and manage quality. Through this, the business is able to stay informed of any changes and also helps with easy tracking of the way the project is being handled. Remember, quality is the value of what the team handling the project will produce, and this is the only sure way to get satisfactory and growth-oriented results.

  • Helps in knowledge application and retaining

Projects are undoubtedly the perfect way for any business to spread its wings. Undertaking projects will prove to provide some great learning experiences as new ways of getting things done are devised. In addition, this is the opportunity for employees to showcase their knowledge and expertise. On the other hand, employees get an opportunity to use their in-depth knowledge, an opportunity they do not get every day. For that reason, project management services will play a key role in ensuring that the huge wealth of knowledge is applied in the best way possible to improve the chances of producing remarkable results on the project. In addition, the project manager will play a key role in supporting the employees to boost their knowledge, which in return improves their productivity. More to that, the project manager will help in managing the knowledge to ensure that it can be applied to another aspect of the organization or in future projects. Unmanaged knowledge can quickly fade away and this can deny the business a great opportunity to change its fortunes.

  • Helps in managing the learning process

Projects present the company with an opportunity to learn and become better. You must be wondering how. Right? Well, projects yield mixed results and you cannot always be sure about producing a certain result. The project can either be highly successful or even fail miserably. However, what is important is the lessons that the company will learn from the results they get. A good project manager will ensure that the employees learn from the results they get from the project. If it is a win, they will learn how to do a better job and also retain the knowledge they have earned throughout the time of undertaking the project. Alternatively, if the results are dismal, the employees get to learn from their mistakes, thus ensuring that the same mistakes are not repeated elsewhere. Furthermore, the project manager will be able to come up with a plan that will see to it that a new project management style is adopted to create room for improvement. Remember, undertaking a project is a great learning experience. Hence, the company should brace itself for any results. After all, even the best project manager in the world is not perfect.


Whether your business is handling a huge or small project, project management is arguably one of the most important services that any business can acquire. However, you necessarily do not have to outsource these services. Instead, you can improve your project management skills and this can be achieved by applying the wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated throughout the years of handling projects. Moreover, ensure that you perfectly understand the relevant project management methodologies. Nevertheless, if you do not have a great background of handling projects, it is important that you seek the services of a professional project manager as you cannot afford to experiment with such important tasks. Therefore, if you were wondering what it will take to yield quality results in your business projects, consider hiring a project manager who is a pro. The results you will enjoy from this experience will certainly take you aback.

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