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Apr 04, 2018

Setting up an online furniture retail sales business

The e-commerce industry has taken over many industries, and furniture sales have not been left out. Many furniture companies that have made a name in the markets with their brick and mortar stores have moved their businesses online. The good part is, now everyone can start this business. The fact that it is done online eliminates a lot of costs such as renting and branding physical shops and recruiting many employees. It is a business you can run from the comfort of your living room.

What are the requirements?

Your source

First, you need to make an agreement with a furniture making company or wholesaler that will be your supplier. This catch is you can get goods from an unlimited number of sources. You can also buy from antique furniture sales and private owners who wish to sell off some of their good property.

A warehouse

If you are buying goods from private individuals to resell, you might need a warehouse, but if you are dealing with a furniture company, you won’t need to rent a warehouse.

A good camera

Yes, you can take good pictures yourself, or hire a professional photographer. But I am sure you can do this part.

A good website

Your website is your platform to showcase what you have to the world. You need a fully functional website through which high definition pictures of your good will be displayed to the world. Recruit the services of a professional web developer to create and manage a standard website for your online business.

Then you can start marketing your goods. You might want to read a thing or two about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. Also, create links for your products and share them on social media and create traffic to your website.

Payment platform.

The online furniture business is classified as a high-risk business due to high chargebacks, the risk of damage during shipping, fraud, etc. For these reasons, banks avoid processing online furniture business transactions. But you can use the services of high-risk merchants who will process credit and debit card payments securely on your behalf.

So, if you have investment funds and you are thinking about the next investment, the online furniture retail business should be one of your considerations.

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