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Mar 29, 2018

Why did the cryptocurrency market experience a crash?

It was an unexpected event in the cryptocurrency financial sector. The rates were so high, and many people had made so much money in this financial sector until the crash. The losses left many investors frustrated and very sad about the unfolding events, but there was very little anyone could do except waiting and hoping for the best. The cryptocurrency became the most highly demanded investment during the boom; no one expected that the rates would reach the heights that were reported until the crash. Many financial scholars have analyzed the crash, and they have projected some reasons to explain why it happened so suddenly and how it couldn’t be avoided.

Panic in the Asian Markets

There has been a recent clamp down on the activities of cryptocurrency traders in the Asian markets. This news has spread to other parts of the world, and it caused a panic. This could have set off panics in other parts of the world which were not properly managed.

The use of advanced analytical trading tools

These trading tools are advanced, and they are commonly used in the forex markets. They have been designed to have stop-loss features to prevent excessive losses during a bad trade. But they have some adverse effects. If a majority of traders use these tools, the common lowest values they set at their stop-loss limits will eventually become the standard price of the crypto coins. And if this value is lower than the market value there will be a dip, which can cause a panic in the system.

The high volatility of the cryptocurrency

It is a highly volatile financial market, and certain triggers can cause the following reaction which will result in losses. Even at this point, it might be the best time to buy coins because they are cheaper and if you can bear the risk too. The values are expected to rise again.

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