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Apr 03, 2018

The Declining PC Market

It is the beginning of the New Year, and the pc market has still not shown any signs of appreciation. The decline in the PC market has been continuous with a further dip in 2016. The entire period of 2017 did not yield any positive indication for the PC market, and this trend has had a negative impact on the computer business sector. What has caused the stagnation and low demand that is currently being witnessed in the PC markets?

It has become a long-term decline which was at its worst level in 2015. The 2017 holiday season was expected to have some positive impact on the market, but this was not achieved. Are people not using PCs again?

Some reasons for this decline have been discussed below:

Lack of innovation

The operating systems have been observed to offer nothing new and exciting to the users, hence the low level of encouragement to change systems. In addition, companies that usually overhauled their systems every year have failed to carry out those actions due to the high costs and the fact that their existing systems are still functioning perfectly.

Low preference for pcs

Personal computers were one of the best gifts some years ago. The holiday season marked a boost in sales of PCs, but this trend has reduced with the development of smartphones and tablets that can practically do everything the PCs can do. The tablets are portable and easier to work with, hence they are more preferable.

Smaller mobile devices

Mobile devices are now smaller and faster. They can also be used to perform many crucial tasks because the app developers have modified their apps to fit the mobile devices. If I can do more with a smaller and faster device why should I sit in front of a PC?

We need something different. The adoption of more innovation to enhance PC functions will attract more customers again.

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