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Apr 09, 2018

It is looking good for renewable energy

The increasing demand for more sustainable and cheaper energy has caused many energy generation companies to focus on sustainable sources of renewable energy. The increasing focus on this energy sector has encouraged investors and even countries to provide funding for research into the development of renewable energy. The results of these research studies have been encouraging too. In our world today, every government is interested in developing its renewable energy resources. In South Australia, the government has announced its plans to provide clean and cheaper energy to residences in the region. This is a plan that will be executed in partnership with Tesla who will provide its batteries for the project. The goal is to establish a virtual power plant that has the capacity to generate as much as 250-megawatts. 

From all indications, this energy will be in excess, and the government has made plans for the excess energy generated. It will be supplied to other residential areas in sufficient amounts. The goal is to create a system through which the residents in these areas can have access to cheaper and sustainable power.

The virtual power plant is going to be the biggest every accomplished in the world. It will be similar to the virtual power plants that are already being developed in countries such as Germany. Many other countries in the west, Asia and in parts of Africa have started investing in these virtual power plants. They are sustainable, and the power generation from these plants is characteristically reliable.

In South Australia, this project has been estimated to cost about $800 million, and it will generate power to serve as many as 7,000 homes. The project is scheduled to be completed in about four years.

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