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Apr 08, 2018

Amazon has transformed an abandoned space into its offices

As much as it was difficult to believe, I know too well about engineering to know that nothing is impossible, especially when the funds are available. This is a really cool move from Amazon. The abandoned space is an old baseball stadium space which has been vacant for a long time. But it is no longer vacant because Amazon has turned this huge space into an office tower with a metal and wooden interior. The tower is located in Newark, New Jersey; it occupies a space of 500,000 sq. Foot, and it has been reported to be the biggest wooden tower in the United States.

Amazon purchased this space for a whopping $23 million in 2016. Since that time there have been many speculations about the company’s intentions. We are happy Amazon has decided to use this space creatively. The reports indicate that Amazon plans to build a retail center and a public space within the complex. There will also be a classy hotel and a number of offices. Amazon plans to include about 2,000 residential units with an adequate parking space to accommodate the needs of the entire space.

It is going to be massive. There will also be a roof deck; the use of wood will make the interior space spectacularly amazing. It is common to see architects use wood in recent times for their designs. From their perspective, wood creates a more comfortable working environment that can be likened to the natural environment.

Many big organizations such as Amazon have been researching about ways to help their employees perform better at their jobs to meet up with the pressure from the markets and other competitors. The use us creative architectural designs is one of the strategies being used to create a better and more conducive working space where employees will feel free to explore their potentials at maximum levels.

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