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Apr 11, 2018

A new drug for migraine is about to change the pharmaceutical markets

We can only attribute the difficulty research scientists have had in finding a lasting cure to migraine to the complex nature of the brain. For a long time, there have been series of research studies in this field, and while the outcome of these researchers has been commendable, the achievement of lasting results still seem to elude the developers of drugs for migraine. Over 38 million people in America suffer from migraines; this is a huge number of patients hence the market for drugs developed to alleviate migraines is huge. As it stands, Allergan, the company behind the new product for a migraine might be just the savior many people have been waiting for all these years.

The product has been reported to pass the first trials in the research labs, and there is ongoing progress in securing the licenses and permits to introduce this drug to the America public and internationally after successfully getting approval in 2019. The new drug has been developed to prevent the occurrence of a migraine as well as to provide a long-term relief when the patient experiences a migraine.

With this new drug from Allergan, many people will be free to go about their daily lives for weeks and even months without experiencing a migraine, as explained under the use of the drug as a preventive measure against migraines.

While this is a commendable effort from Allergan, we also hope that the drug will be sold at an affordable rate to the American public and in other countries. Considering the numbers of years many people have had to bear the discomfort of migraines, it will be a shame if a drug is finally developed to help them but it is unaffordable.

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