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Feb 28, 2018

Small and part-time business ideas

So, you have finally mustered up the courage to start your own thing. I say “thing” because it could be a small business or a venture or just a part-time establishment for extra bucks. Yes, not everyone takes the bold initiative of leaving their jobs and jumping right in with both feet. It is risky, to begin with, and having no idea what to do with capital and time is a big no-no. To be honest, many people dive in without their research being done, but those of you who just want a toe in the water can try out the following:

  1. Private consultancy. If you are a professional accountant, doctor, engineer, psychologist, HR expert or architect you could open up shop in your own house. All you need to do is connect with clients via phone or email and offer services.
  2. Day-care or babysitting facilities. If you are on leave from work because of maternity reasons you can make the most of all that time at home. You will have to get certified though.
  3. Maintenance related jobs such as electrical, plumbing, mowing or yard work, carpentry. You could try out your own expertise or hire employees to do it for you and contract out services. However, certification may be a requirement for many of these occupations.
  4. Food business. Rent out a small place and try out your culinary skills. You could also set up a food truck, which will be low cost. Depending on your state or local laws, certification may be needed.
  5. Bed and breakfast. Kids left for college? House too big to manage? Rent it out partly as a bed and breakfast. This is good money on the side and hardly different than raising kids and cleaning after them.
Content writing services. If you are a writer you could get paid for blogging or article writing. You could even contract out the work to other small-time writers and make a profit on projects.

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