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Feb 27, 2018

How to support your employees to promote customer experience

Employees have more contact with your customers, so it is important to help them sell your products and services better. Whether it is a physical shop or an online commerce platform, your employees should be trained to use the latest and most effective innovative tools to improve the customer experience.

I have had some sad experiences with online customer support services, but I know that the lapses and issues we could not resolve might not have been entirely their fault. Many customer support services contend with poor database designs and server connectivity issues. Hence, they cannot render the needed services when customers need support. Other times it is practically impossible to contact the customer care support team when issues such as missing orders, delayed orders or payment errors occur. These experiences can discourage customers from using your services a second time.

I always advise business owners to pay close attention to the infrastructure they have put in place to manage online processes for their business. In these times when practically everything can be ordered online, if your customers find out that your online platform is not efficient they will consider the alternative.

Many of these issues businesses face are as a result of using contractors who have minimal experience in server management and database design. You will also notice that the user interface of commercial websites have been enhanced to make it easier for users to navigate the website. Businesses lose value when the existing customers are forced to use alternative services due to poor customer experiences.

However, if your business has been experiencing some tough times due to inadequate data and connectivity infrastructure, you can make the right changes. Invest in the services of skilled contractors to handle your website hosting, server management and database management. Also, make plans to enhance your website to prominently feature the commercial aspects of your business that will appeal to your target audience. When this is done, train your employees to use these new tools to meet the needs of your customers.

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